Ubar Grotto meets on the fourth Sunday of each month, excluding July, August, and December at Funk Brewing in Elizabethtown, PA. The address for the Funk Brewing is 28 S Market St Elizabethtown, PA 17022. Meetings begin at 6 pm. Always keep a lookout for where December’s meeting will be.

Ubar Grotto has two kinds of meetings – Business and Convivial. The main difference between these meetings is cost. Each member, as part of their dues, pays into a Convivial fund to pay for meals to be served at the Convivial Meetings. These meetings occur roughly once every six months at the discretion of the Monarch. Unless otherwise noted, all other meetings are Business, meaning the members pay the cost for food during that meeting.

What is a Grotto meeting like? It’s different than any other Masonic meeting you have ever attended! Beginning at 6 pm, members order food and adult beverages and catch up with each other. Around 6:45 pm, the meeting is called to order with several toasts. Business is then conducted. Following the business, closing toasts are offered. The meeting is usually done by 8 pm.

The Papers and Pipes Unit (for tobacco enthusiasts) meets following each meeting, wrapping up around 9 pm.