2017 Officers, Committees, and Coordinators

Monarch –  Pro. Mark G. Mattern
Chief Justice – Pro. Shaun A. Sponagle
Master of Ceremonies – Pro.  John F. Harley
Venerable Prophet – Pro. Jeffrey A. Fulton
Treasurer – Pro. Daniel P. Loughin
Secretary – Pro. Jay M. Laser, SoU
Marshal – Pro. David Steffie
Captain of the Guard – Pro. Jacob Young
Vizier – Pro. Andrew V. Sterling, SoU
Sentinel – Pro. Horace W. Mason

Chaplain Emeritus – Bro. Damien Joseph, SSF (Pro. Brent D. Richards)


Tracy Bitner (1 Year), Teddy Sizemore (2 Years), Russ Baker, SoU (3 Years)

Constitutional Committees

Jurisprudence – John Croumer (Chair), Allen Moyer, Seth Anthony, PM

Audit – Horace Mason (Chair), Bryan Hill, Kimber Smith, PM

Membership and Retention – Jeff Fulton (Chair), Steve Park, Abe Shaffner, Brian Smith

Ad-Hoc Committees

Charity and Community Service – Brian Shaffer (Chair), Galen Kleinfelter, Michael Riggi

Fundraising – Dan Loughin (Chair), Scott Smeltzer, John Croumer, Dave Werner

Humanitarian Foundation Representative – George Hindson, PM

Doctor of Smiles – Jack Harley

Enchanted Lantern Coordinator – Jay Laser, SoU

Publicity Coordinator – Dan Loughin

Editor of The Pillar  Chad McComsey

Youth Coordinator  Chris Fry

Highway Cleanup Coordinator – Abe Shaffner

Regalia Coordinator – Arthur Dinger

Fraternal Relations Coordinator – Russ Kratzer & John Brobst