George’s Fez

165820_252547841524092_1181332806_nOne of the long running jokes at Ubar Grotto pertains to a fez. More specifically, it pertains to the fez that once belonged to Pro. George H. Hindson, Past Monarch. To grasp the full story, we need to start at the beginning.

It was a cold and rainy weekend in New York City when Pro. Hindson and Pro. Seth Anthony, Past Monarch, ventured to a social gathering of Azim Grotto in Midtown Manhattan. The evening was quite festive and everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly, including George. At the end of the evening, in a state of bliss, Pro. Hindson left the establishment of the event, forgetting his fez. Being the good Prophets they are, the Azimians reclaimed his fez and ensured that it remained in Masonic hands. The Azimians, in a moment of chimpish delight, decided that simply returning George’s fez was too pleasant of a gesture.

Enter Pro. Isaac Moore, Past Monarch of Azim Grotto. Isaac, being the good New York City Mason that he is, had met several members of the Craft who travel the globe for thier profession. He immediately began arranging for the fez to go on vacation with these men – several dozen times – to locations all over the planet. A log of the fez’s travels has been kept on Facebook at a page entitled “Where in the World is George’s Fez.”

Below, you’ll find a quick run down of the places the fez has travelled since July of 2012 (in order.):

  1. Mexico (including a visit to Teotihuacan and the great pyramids.)
  2. Philadelphia, PA (including a visit to the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.)
  3. Texas (including the Alamo and President George H.W. Bush’s ranch.)
  4. Cuba (including a visit to the desk of former President Fidel Castro.)
  5. El Salvador (with the local Shriners.)
  6. Transylvania, Romania (with a visit to Castle Bran, former residence of Vlad Tepes.)
  7. Amsterdam, The Netherlands (where we are sure it got into a lot of trouble.)
  8. London, England (where it was impounded by the Metropolitan Police after attempting to be placed on the head of a foreign dignatory – no joke!)
  9. Dublin, Ireland
  10. The Canary Islands
  11. It was then rowed across the Atlantic Ocean from the Canary Islands to Barbados.
  12. The fez then returned to New York City and found its way to a meeting of Azim Grotto where George was attendance. He never realized that he had been in pictures with his fez!
  13. Singapore
  14. Returning again to London, England
  15. San Francisco, California
  16. Rosslyn Chapel, Midlothian, Scotland
  17. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  18. Ft. Dix, New Jersey (where it was jumped out of a plane on a practice run with the United States Army Airborne and earned its jump wings.)
  19. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  20. Sydney, Australia
  21. Jerusalem, Israel (including the Dead Sea and the Holy Land.)
  22. A meeting of Ubar Grotto (where it spent some time with then Grand Monarch Otto Thiergart.)

Where will the fez go next? Keep an eye on Facebook to find out!