Past Monarchs

The following men have served Ubar Grotto as Monarch (or president.) They are recognized here for their service and dedication to the Grotto. They are presented in reverse order, with the most junior Past Monarch being listed first.

Pro. Shaun A. Sponagle – Seventh Monarch – 2018

Spooner fez

Pro. Mark A. Mattern – Sixth Monarch – 2017

Pro. Peter J. Ruggieri – Fifth Monarch – 2016

Pro. David A. Labagh – Fourth Monarch – 2015


Pro. Timothy R. Settlemyer – Third Monarch – 2014



Pro. George H. Hindson – Second Monarch – 2013


Pro. Seth A. Anthony – Charter Monarch – 2011/2012

SCAPmAffiliated Past Monarchs:

Pro. Kimber D. Smith, Le-Hi Grotto